Your ideas can help to create the Metalgarden a few questions

Is it a place in your mind or somewhere in the world ?stainless flower

Is there a poem , song or saying that captures "garden" for you ?

I am gathering responses to these questions both from the internet and from study groups in the New Forest. My aim is to enter into a dialogue with people who respond to the project. Words, sketches and photos of metal will be displayed on this site so that developments can be followed and comments made. I will attempt to communicate some of the potential of worked metals and glass with the aid of animation and pictures in the hope that this will stimulate a response from those who like to experiment with materials. This will not be a course in blacksmithing as such but I will be happy to answer specific technical questions by e-mail.

Later this year a metal garden will begin to take form in the village by the sea in Hampshire and this web-site will be a record of the project. One of my reasons for doing this is that whatever I develop on the Internet can also act as an offline educational tool for children.

At last the garden is forming.....Spring is here

Please can you help me with the metalgarden by answering a few questions.

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What forging looks like