Viking Longboat sculpture, Largs, Scotland

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This sculpture is inspired by the lines of a clinker built Viking longboat. The head and detailing pays homage to Nordic mythology and symbolism. It was not enough to have a seaworthy craft, it also had to satisfy the sea gods with due homage in the carvings and its agressive appearance would certainly have helped during invasion.
It marks the site of the last Viking invasion of Scotland which took place in 1263. The subsequent Battle of Largs was a bloody one, with few survivors.
Largs has a great pride in its Viking connections....there are festivals every summer and the Vikingar Centre has a dramatic presentaion of the Gods and people.....  The Vikingar Centre, Largs 
This sculpture was commissioned in 1996 by the local marina and it is fixed to the breakwater of large rocks. The waves can wash against it in rough weather and for this reason I made it in stainless steel.

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